McSweeneys // Issue 21

Monday, 22 June 2009

Was very excited to find the new quarterly of McSweeneys literary goodness in our postbox on Friday. Any mail that isn't a bill is exciting, but this was like discovering a gold nugget! It looks grand (as always) and different to all those that came before it (as always)... sturdy hard back and shimmeringly handsome:

In an oversized format, with annotations, illustrations, and pantoums, Issue 31 aims to introduce you to all the genres you never knew you loved.

Haven't had a chance to read any yet but makes me happy to see the wee illustrations throughout and notes in the margins (i'm such a sucker for extras!)

and if that wasn't enough to impress... there's a babushka doll broadsheet-within-a-book at the back... don't it look nice!?

Get a copy here (or subscribe to get even more exciting packages in your post!)


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