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Sunday, 26 July 2009

On Saturday I went to the annual Victoria and Albert museum Village Fete (a contemporary take on the traditional English fete)... it was a day of imaginative minds, creative smirks and silly games for both kiddies and biguns alike.
The Johnson and Banks team always do a stationary based stall and this year they produced 'designer notebooks'. Made from 2 years worth of salvaged colour runouts from their studio, wire bound and personalised with your choice of chuckle-worthy slogan stamp...
{a few of the other slogans: 'my recession moleskine', 'old ideas new notebook', 'i went to the fete and all i got was this lousy notebook' and 'may contain nuts'}The Happily Ever After stall was a place to confess your social failings, ease your conscience and receive a badge your mum would be proud to wear in return.
The save banners eat protests concept at the stall produced many a giggle. Each person filled in the blanks {using hi-tech cardboard letterpress letters and rollers} for either 'Save _' or 'Eat _'... resulting in beautiful looking but ridiculous protest banners.
In the tradition of consequences flipbooks, you could create your own surrealist self in lifesized form by mixing and matching head, body, legs and feet {mermaids, strongmen, jesters, Russian dolls and white rabbits} and get a postcard to send to woo that special someone! Presented by the folk at Cupboard Under the Stairs
There were so many good ideas... inspired me to put some silliness into practice... praps I will start one in our street?!


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