Moon Rocks Magazine // Issue 4

Monday, 10 August 2009

The new issue of Moon Rocks Magazine has hit the interweb and I was lucky enough to be included in amongst some other very talented folk!! Beginning as a brighton based printed zine, the move to web has enabled Moon Rocks to spread its geographical wings. Their strapline 'no agenda, no adverts, no cost, no colour' says it all really - begun quite simply to encourage and spread creativity as far afield as possible...

This is the first issue solely published online (at the touch of a download button) and its a damn good un too!! Contains an interview with Robert Sabbag (author of Snowblind) aswell as a bucket of wierd and wonderful fiction, photography and illustration.

Instructions: Look, download and carry around in pocket until you feel like being entertained!

You can sign up to the mailing list or the facebook fan page for more updates or even better contribute to the next issue (theme = 'the sea')


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