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Monday, 18 January 2010

This new book project from the mastermind of Julia Rothman and Also oozes exciting!! Basically it's a visual narrative much like consequences but based on a surrealist game called Exquisite corpse from the 1920s. Each artist sees only the illustration before it and it follows the horizon line to add to the pictorial story...

(Image above by Carmen Segovia)

The variety of amazing artists is going to make it so diverse and brilliant... and plus it's got an introduction by Dave Eggers. I really can't wait to see get my mitts on a copy when it comes out!

(Images above left to right by Mike Perry, Camilla Engman, Lab Partners, and Nick Dewar)

(Images above left to right by Ashley G, Mel Kadel, Peter Taylor with Luke Ramsey, Carmen Segovia, Roy Roberts)

It's explained fully on the website here and also on Julia's great site book by its cover


  1. Such a great idea! Maybe we should do something like this??????

  2. Isn't it beautiful?!... would make for a great passing back and forward journal type project?


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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