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Friday, 8 January 2010

Postcards are the handiest little things ever... I have taken to using them lately instead of birthday cards of the envelope kind... they beautify even the most basic wrapping (and plus they're cheaper than cards) Here are a few good sets:

Yellow Owl Workshop are always making great things. The matchbox style packaging for these is especially good (plus they're all hand screenprinted)

A Studio Violet set of lovable little beings and dreamy colours (though it might be hard when it comes to giving these away)

Ashley G
makes these wistful nuggets of cosy creatures

Orange Beautiful notecards don't really classify as postcards I know, but I've always thought they were great.. and they do come in a set??

Vintage inspired ones for Bigwig & Silver are ace for boys especially (and girls tho)

p.s. always looking for more so please let me know any secret ones i've missed!


  1. I love audery jeanne's set
    and you can't go wrong with Junzo terada

  2. Thanks deborah... they're both gorgeous... love the audrey jeanne ones especially!


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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