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Monday, 10 May 2010

Spent a big chunk of Saturday roaming the Finders Keepers Markets at Sydney's Carriageworks. It was full of so much talent it was almost abit too overwhelming... almost! I came away with a couple of porcelain jewellry delights from Angus&Celeste, and not even an ounce of paper (there were too many good ones to choose from i reckoned) These were some of my favourite things:

+ The neons of Lox+Savvy's 3 fold shaped cards.

+ Me and Amber with their screenprinted designs onto mounted old book pages

+ Hideyo's fantastic paper baubles made of recycled materials

+ The great array of numeral and alphabet gift tags from Bespoke Press

+ ALL of the artworks of Kareena Zerefos... that girl is quite seriously talented! 

+ Adorable animal tales at the Herbert and Friends stall 

+ Monsters behaving badly colouring in books and handpainted cards by Benconservato

+ And seeing the lovely folk Megan and Matt in their beautiful stall

Also got a sneak peek behind the scenes of the making of a Catherine Campbell masterpiece which was pretty great! (at the Frankie magazine stall) It was even more beautiful seeing her work in the flesh... & such patience with all those lines!

Lovely lovely day... is it bad to wish the year away to December when the next one is?


  1. Lovely post!

    A little upset I didn't get a mention with Megan haha :)

  2. great post - thank you for making me feel like i was there!

  3. oh sorry matt... don't be upset... fixed now =)

  4. Definitely not upset now!

    Thank you :)

  5. Wow wee looks like an amazing gathering - will be sure to make the trip form Melbs next time. Thanks for sharing your blog is lovely.

  6. The way they've all displayed their goods is so well done...and inspiring! Your blog is wonderful by the way!


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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