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Friday, 23 July 2010


I was sent Anna-Wili's website by a friend and straight away fell in love with her paper bird sculptures. They look so delicate but in the same way a feathered one does and the birds in flight are so beautifully sculpted they could jump right out from behind the screen!

She is a Sydney based artist working in paper and copper primarily. I asked her how these beautiful paper beings came to life and this was what she said:
I had been to art school and studied painting. After art school I took up sculpture and loved the freedom of not having had too much instruction in the discipline. I started making copper pipe sculptures. I was pregnant with my daughter and wanted to make something special for her. I made a small paper fairy wren. I loved the medium and just began to work with it. Now I use archival cotton paper that I tear and sew together to create the figure of an animal.

There are many more great sculptures on her website... please do check them out! (the copper giraffe is amazing)


  1. Wow those are so pretty! Amazing work. also envious of your blog name the daily smudge. its perfect for your profile!

  2. i agree... amazing work! So glad you like the name too... it feels very at home here ;-) thanks for stopping by too. em x

  3. The episode of Man Shops World (about the buyer for Anthropologie) where he goes to Australia features Anna-Wili, showing more of her amazing work and her studio which is *directly* under the flight path of the airport. She seems lovely and sweet and the work is just...killer...

    I found your blog only recently but its quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  4. mixette - that show sounds great... wish I'd seen it (don't think it's been on in Oz?) And so glad you're liking the posts... thanks for your lovely words x


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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