Dear blank

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I had many a chuckle over at the Dear Blank site when I discovered it awhile back... and today I was even happier to see that Sapling Press have converted some of those chuckles into real living letterpress letters.

Dear Blank

(found via Design Crush & Design Work Life)


  1. The fork one is brillllllllllliant! *s*

  2. ooh so much more striking in print!
    Thanks for posting this, I hadn't discovered Dear Blank until now!

  3. wow! these are hilarious! those poor unicorns. :)

  4. Brilliant, just brilliant!

  5. These have had me and my friend in stitches for the last five minutes. Thanks for the laughter, we needed a study break x x


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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