The wonderful mind (and hands) of Oliver Jeffers

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Childrens book illustrator extraordinaire Oliver Jeffers is currently having an exhibition in Brooklyn (*sigh* oh, to own a rocket ship!) and it looks pretty excellent. Collaborating with jewellery designer Aaron Ruff, the exhibition is playful in the way it looks at natures competition and natural order (through the deptiction of non-agressive animals in battle)
"This project involves a fictitious boy and his fascination with battle, with natures quest for the domination of the biggest and best, and shows the sensitivities of a young mind exploring the world inside his own head"


The Mulholland Hwang Show
9th March - 19th May 2013

Invisible Dog Gallery
51 Bergen Street
NY 11201

Found via Poppytalk

I really love this mans illustrations. I bought his first couple of children's books just because I liked the illustrations... and now that I have a child to actually read them to, there's no reason not to buy the whole set, right?!


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