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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A new series... hurrah! Lists and collections and compendiums... what's not to love? This occasional feature will showcase fabulous bundles of things that are favourites of mine (or sometimes even of others). Hope you enjoy!


favourite_childrens books

This topic is close to my heart. I will admit that these are mostly MY choices and not necessarily my little cubs first choices. He is quite into the Dig, Dig, Digging / Choo Choo Clickety Clack This is my digger variety of book at the moment - which is fine/great/splendid, but not so interesting for you guys (or me really to be quite honest!)

1 - Oh the Places You'll Go (Pop-up), Dr Seuss
Amazing book for adults and children alike (we had a reading from it for our wedding in fact!) with rhyming couplets and will make your tongue tumble along blissfully. In pop-up form it's just got even more magnifique.

2 - I'm the Best, Lucy Cousins
Wild and wonderful illustrations that look like they were incredibly fun to paint and are about to leap out of the book. A lovable story about a dog and his fluffy ears... that's all I'll say. I sometimes even read this one by myself it's so cute.

3 - Miffy at the Gallery, Dick Bruna
I have loved Miffy since I was a lil lady myself. This little adventure makes you see and appreciate art from a small persons perspective. Testament to the fact that art really is for everyone.                                  
4 - Lost and Found, Oliver Jeffers
Anything this man creates is gold. Illustrator extraordinaire who tells tales of friendship and innocence. Heart melty moments, beware. Also love How to Catch a Star, Incredible Book Eating Boy and Up and Down.

5 - Sparkle and Spin, Ann & Paul Rand
A wonderfully graphic and colourful book all about words. Fabulously designed by Paul Rand with sing-song words by his fine wife Ann.

6 - The Red Tree, Shaun Tan
Sad, sad, sad... happy. Amazing illustrations that appeal to big and little ones. I actually bought this book long before I thought about kids, it's that good!

7 - Beautiful Oops, Barney Saltzberg
The sentiment of this book is fabulous. Folded corners become penguins, paint splatters sheep. Creativity through mess and that mistakes can be transformed into beautiful creatures.

8 - Out Of Sight, Pittau & Gervais
Sometimes its nice to have not words. Silence can be bliss it's true. This HUGE book (which Leo simple calls 'big book') has pop-ups fold outs galore and if you do want the words then it's full of animal facts that you'll never have otherwise known.

9/ Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak
It would be simply rude to not include this fine book. I read/loved/gobbled it up as a child & I can't wait for the day that Leo does too. The recently re-penned 304pp version for bigger kids (by Dave Eggers) is not to bad too.

and though not pictured here but at the last minute felt it was wierd to have only 9
10/ The Art Book For Children
For the same reason as book #3. Art for kids eyes and minds which in a way is more magical than our own old jaded adult ones. I literally can't wait to get into this in a year or two.

So, what are your favourites? Did I miss any diamonds? Always keen for more...

Top photo by Mieke Dalle


  1. My favourite of all time is Miroslav Sasek's 'This Is' Series. This is New York is my number one pick. I don't even have kids to use as an excuse! I do love Sparkle and Spin, husband and wife collaborations are the best!

    1. Oh yes Megan - those are excellent. Will have to get the London one for my half-brit bambino. Thanks for the reminding :)

      (& yep, husband and wife teams are unbeatable it's true x)


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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