A trip to Koskela in our 'fancy silber car'

Friday, 11 October 2013

I've never been into cars at all. We have an old car. It goes. I put petrol in it. It goes some more. All good. However, for better or worse, things have now changed...

Thanks to the generous folks at Ford and Kidspot, I have been driving around in a brand spanking new Ford Focus Titanium* for the last few weeks (and the next few too). I was all ready to continue being unimpressed with cars but the technology in this one is pretty darn incredible.... and now I'm kind of smitten...


+ It reverse parks itself! seriously. That blew my mind. It finds you a space and then the steering wheel is taken over by some kind of parking god. ta da! Hello tight spot. Bye-bye embarrassing parking attempts.

+ I can literally just say the command and it will call who I want to call via Bluetooth, play music on the stereo and probably do lots of other things that I haven't discovered yet too.

+ When it rains, the windscreen wipers just go! No flicking on and off of that damned lever. That's some kind of magic right there.

+ It tells me how to get places! I am thoroughly enjoying not having to juggle imaps and the steering wheel at once... and the rest of the driving nation is probably relieved too!

So... it turns out I been living under a technological rock when it comes to cars! Who would have thought that it could actually be an enjoyable experience to drive around the city?!?! I'm thinking this may be a problem when I have to drive our old rust box around again but for now I'm just going to roll with it.

Our little trio took a drive to Koskela to see the Beci Orpin exhibition (more about that in a post to follow) and have a little peruse around the amazing (but sadly too pricey for our pockets) homewares on show.


We ended the day by driving to centennial park for a scoot (the cub did the scooting) and an ice-cream. Thanks for the ride 'fancee silber car'


*'fancy silber car' is what the cub calls our new wheels. He loves getting in it (no battles. Yay!) which makes me love it all the more.  

This post is one of three written as part of Ford Australia's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' challenge (in conjunction with Kidspot, Voices of 2013). I was not paid to write this post nor was I told what to write. But, I was given a swish car to drive around in for 6 weeks which is proving pretty nice!


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