An exhibition : 'Paper' at the Saatchi Gallery, London

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Saatchi Gallery is one of my favourite London art spots. Always full of such interesting and unique contemporary works with what feels like very little art snobbery (despite it being owned by a ridiculously rich man and being in the middle of a very fancy pants part of london!)

Saatchi Gallery, London

Obviously, after finding out that there was an exhibition on Paper artworks while we were in London, we had to go there! It was full of some amazing works by an entirely new barrel of paper wizards (new to me only, probably quite well-known in the world of art) - both paper sculptors and those simply working 'on' paper.

Marcelo Jacome - Kite Planes 1

My favourite piece of the exhibition was Marcelo J├ícome’s Planos-Pipas (‘kite-planes’ in the artist’s native Portugese). Filling up a whole room, you could duck under and walk around and get totally lost in it's colourful brilliance. It was made of just bamboo, paper and thread and felt like it was just happily floating in space. Needless to say, I spent awhile in that there room!

Marcelo Jacome - Kite Planes
Marcelo Jacome - Kite Planes
Marcelo Jacome - Kite Planes

Another highlight was the paper cut trees series by Japanese artist, Yuken Teruya. He converted a whole range of paper bags (varying from a McDonalds takeaway bag to a Louis Vuitton shopping bag) and painstakingly cut out intricate little trees from them. The result was a series of almost private lightboxes mounted on the wall at eye level. The shadows cast by the trees were almost as great as the little figures they came from too. Truly beautiful and ridiculously ornate.

Yuken Teruya - papercut trees 5
Yuken Teruya - papercut trees 3
Yuken Teruya - papercut trees 4
Yuken Teruya - papercut trees 1

The exhibition is on until 3rd November 2013 (it looks better in real life than in my below average photos)
The Saatchi Gallery is located 5 minutes walk from Sloane Square station


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