Childrens table DIY // from salvaged to special delivery

Sunday, 27 October 2013

It has been mini-people birthday season in these parts of late. Every weekend sees a new little soul that needs celebrating! When Leo's oldest little friend (they met aged 1 week), Cholé celebrated her second birthday, we made her a special present. I found a little table and chairs from the side of the road (people chuck out such good stuff it amazes/horrifies me) that was begging for some TLC.

Children's table DIY

We sanded, primed, painted it (with chalkboard paint on the tabletop) and painted it in preparation for it's adorable new owner...

Children's table DIY2

This precious cargo fitted perfectly into the boot of our (on loan) fancy Silver Ford Focus Titanium (big old boot for a little hatchback innit?!) to deliver it for her birthday.

Children's table DIY - part 3

I discovered that painting is HARD.... and also that painting with oil paint is a BAD idea (not only does it take forever to dry but it's damn tricky to apply evenly) Lumps and dribbles galore all over this but all the more gloriously handmade looking because of it!

(Below is a picture of my little cub chowing down on a gingerbread man in the princess tent at the said birthday party... just because!) 

cub in birthday tent

This post is one of three written as part of Ford Australia's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' challenge (in conjunction with Kidspot, Voices of 2013). I was not paid to write this post nor was I told what to write. But, I was given a swish car to drive around in for 6 weeks which is proving pretty nice!


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