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Monday, 22 March 2010

We managed to luck some last minute tickets to the Semi-Permanent conference in Sydney which was brilliant... spent all day there on Friday and then just for a peek on Saturday (had a wedding to go to so a peek was all that was possible unfortunately)

I knew I'd be in awe of Jessica Hische and that really was the highlight of the lot for me. She went through and spoke about some amazing projects (and some hilarious - a boardgame about divorce notably) from high school til today and about her techniques and process too. Every piece of her type work is incredible and it was a real suprise to find out that she does it completely in Illustrator and not hand rendered at all.

It was also exciting to find out that her Daily Drop Caps would be going up to 12 different alphabets! whoa nelly!! (I was also really excited I got to have a wee little chat to her on Thursday night too... I was  ridiculously starstruck! what a groupie!!)

My other main event for me was listening to the brilliant story of one of the wonderful Frankie magazine. It was great hearing about their startup story and how they used to post polaroid cameras to celebrity interviewee's in replacement of a photo shoot because they couldn't afford one... and how this accidentally worked in the favour to fulfil their aim of 'making famous people ordinary and ordinary people famous' by making everyone look snapshot-ed. How cool is that?! Louise was great and I will love Frankie even more because of her story now!

Mel Kadel & Travis Millard were hilarious (taking the stage with a 6-pack of Coopers) and again their stories were great. They live in a treehouse in LA (Fecal Face studio visit here) and that alone makes me a tinge of green with envy.. but Mel's drawings are really great too and their banter made me like them even more!

Another that was unexpectedly interesting was the Glue Society with their brilliantly leftfield advertising ideas (wow, what minds they have) & the best ever sculpture (below) from Sculpture by the Sea in 2006.

There were loads of other great tales of creative folk too and I'm full to the brim with inspiration now...  so now I just need to be less lazy and do some work of my own!


  1. I was so impressed that someone would have a Type and a CMYK tattoo. Talk about commitment to your profession.
    She was amazing.

  2. those tattoos are amazing... dedication indeed! If i was her i'd be putting every work I did on my back in tattoo form for all to see... it's all so brilliant!

  3. Ah, I haven't been to one of these for years. Sounded like great fun, that ice-cream sculpture is awesome!


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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