Bank advertisements. Beautiful?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A very clever friend, Becky, just finished making this advertisement. I love the little story and there are so many beautiful frames that I had to put up a few... you'd never guess it was a bank advert! (doubley nice to see such an organic illustration style for a big corporation too)
On the subject of bank advertisements... spotted this Swiss Co-op one on twitter today aswell (via Upon a Fold)... also truly beautiful and completely un-banklike! (The amazing origami is helped considerably by the fact that the Swiss currency is so gorgeous) Since when have banks been so artistic?
SWiss co-op bank ad


  1. They are both great! (mind you banks can afford to make good ad's so they should!) *s*

  2. Very true indeed... just happy they are using such creative visuals... making banking look exciting is surely no easy feat!


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