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Thursday, 19 August 2010

OH japan... how I love thee! This great new book over at Upon a Fold has just been added to my virtual shopping basket... all about gift wrapping with such elegance. I wonder if my big fingers could ever do such delicate creations?
This book of paper things is also a wonder I've had my eye on for some time

(all images from Upon A Fold)


  1. Thanks for this lovely post Emily! I love those two book too :) xo

  2. oh wow, you're blog is always so lovely! Went over and put this book straight on to my xmas list! thanks for introducing me to this shop, it is now in my favourites.
    Wrapping of simple items from shops was one of my favourite things about visiting Japan, I still have a box of all the wrapping paper.

  3. Aw thanks so much Alma (& yeah, isn't Upon a Fold great... my fav too!) So beautiful the Japanese wrapping aesthetic I agree... I remember even buying gift wrapped fruit that was too nice to eat! A box of paper must be a treat to have xx


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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