Precious time // Julian Bialowas

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


If you're in need of a pep talk with yourself then go have a flick(r!) through this gorgeous and inspiring 365 day project by Julian Bialowas. This one above feels particularly apt for me at the moment. I sometimes find myself feeling frustrated and a little guilty that I've achieved nothing in a day... so it's good to remind myself that watching, playing with and helping a little human grow day by day is not a waste of time at all. hip hip hooray. pep talk sucess!


  1. Oh thanks for this! I know exactly what you mean. 5pm guilt attack when the working partner arrives home to find you've just been hanging out all day with the bub. I shall think of this post next time that happens.

    1. hanging out is hard too don't you think though ;) I have stopped even attempting to tick things of my to-do list in the daytimes now... and feel much better for it. Relishing the precious moments instead (& saving the busy bee things for the evenings)


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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