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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I took a little holiday from the internet for the past few weeks. Spent the time hanging out with my boys and splashing in various pools both salty and fresh. Twas divine and hectic in equal parts but always an adventure. Hope you all had a lovely festive time and are as excited about this year as I am! Lots of fun plans for this space and others this year so I hope you'll stick around to be a part of it all.


Images above of the little cub and I cooling off with yoghurt pops and paddling pools on one of Sydney's recent 42 degree furnace days! Oh my, its a task keeping a little person from overheating (and a big one too at that!)


  1. nice to have you back! these photos are making me happy--he's a doll, and the summer vibe is a perfect escape as we sit up here shivering.

    1. Ahh, thankyou ever so Bridget! Such a grass on the other side scenario... I was dreaming of frozen toes instead of melted ones the other day. This summer has been ferocious!

  2. What wonderful photos. What is your little boy holding in his hand? It looks like some type of magical ice cream mould!
    Great Blog!

    1. Very kind - thankyou! He is holding a homemade yoghurt popsicle! It may sound fancy but really it's just a few spoons of fruity creamy yoghurt tipped into a mould - (in this case a robot shaped mould! that's the magical bit!) Thanks for reading xx


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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