Long live the bookshelf (& the books)

Monday, 29 April 2013


A world without books would be a very sad place and a house without books is simply not a home. (That isn't a quote from a fancy old famous person. Just my head) The following images are from the fabulous Bookshelf Porn site... aren't these spaces just in-cred-ible!!!


Having an 18 month old bambino who can already operate an ipad on his own (yep, unlock it, swipe to the page with his trucks game on it and select a course. eek!) is really making me think about the future of print and how the world is going to be for him in 20 years time. I can't imagine a world without books (and thoroughly hope I never witness it) but maybe that makes me non-progressive?! I dream that the image below is going to be how my home looks to the outside world... when I'm a grumpy old bookaholic!



  1. Vive la dusty pages! Loving these shelves, especially the reading nook with a view.

  2. It scares me to think of a future world without books! Eeek! Love that tiny bed with the window!

  3. I sometimes fear for the future of books too, but then I think about all the bookworms and I just assume that we'll start to buy more books, instead of less. Hopefully that will be enough to save the printed word, right?



Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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