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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

videre pinhole camera 1

The camera shown here is not infact a plastic fantastic/gun metal old school camera as you may initially think... but a fully functioning camera made completely of cardboard. It is a medium format style pinhole camera. I have only ever taken one photo with a pinhole camera (and it was far from brilliant) but it is probably my proudest photo. No trickery. No machinery. Just the sun, a film and some lucky guesswork. Pinhole photography is the home of the happy accident.

videre pinhole camera 2

This project is by UK designer Kelly Angood and is now on the home straight to be a real life product thanks to many a keen bean camera buff via Kickstarter (such a damn tooting excellent way to fund an idea!). It has been designed, screenprinted and is soon available for sale as a flatpack shipped right to your door. It's not too late to pick yourself up one of the first ones by pledging 30 GB squids here.

videre pinhole camera 3

A few fabulous looking photos I found via this pinhole flickr group.


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