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Friday, 3 May 2013

little goodall coats 2

I'm pretty excited about winter now and strangely a large part of that reason is that kids wear wooly, cuddly coats. There is something about miniature coats that just makes my cheeks dimple. Little hands poking out, hoods on little heads and all the more squeezable little bundles of warm! These coats by Little Goodall are possibly too ridiculously cute (can something be tooo cute?!) Incredible right?!

little goodall coats

They don't come cheap though... so until I hit lotto, this little yellow fishermans coat will have to suffice for our little lion. I think he quite likes it too (I dont think I'll show him the other options!)



  1. oooh! So adorable! I wish they made them in grown-up sizes! That little owl is amazing!

    1. THEY DO megan... foxes and wolves in adult sizes. I could definitely see you in the little owl one :-)

  2. Wow, that owl! Yes, please:)

    And I love their bunny coats too. But I agree, for kids that are growing so fast it is a lot to spend on something they'll only be able to wear for a little while. Though for a handmade coat it's probably a fair price.

    1. Oh yes, I completely agree - more than fair in price for all the amazing hand done work there is in there. It's only that I know it will only last 6 months so can't justify it (& it's never even that cold here either)... still very tempting though I must say!


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