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Friday, 17 May 2013

bloesem confetti DIY

+ The 3-dimensional confetti DIY that could double as a wall display (above)

+ Amazing and mind boggling 'screengrab' video by Willie Witte. Ten team points if you can explain to me how it was done!

+ A new exhibit at MoMA, titled 'rain room' which simulates rain in all the areas of the room that you are not. So you can stand drip-free in your own private little cocoon. I'd like to sit there all day.

+ This cute and clever book vase from Japan

+ Another super cute video, this time showing a brief history of type. A must-see for students and type aficionados alike.

I'm looking forward to meeting and listening to some talented and friendly blog folks this weekend at the Voices of 2013 launch. I'll be honest, part of me is quite nervous, it's sometimes kind of scary stepping out from behind the screen into the big real world (please come and say hi if you're going too)

Hope you all have a super fabulous weekend whatever adventures you may be having.


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