Paper thin armour // Morana Kranjex

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Morana Kranjec 2

I sometimes think that if I could change something about my wedding day, I would wear a paper dress instead. As much as I loved the frock I did adorn, a paper one would be perfectly fitting for a once-worn white coated affair don't you think?! It could be then hung up on the wall as a piece of art. (I comfort myself with the knowledge that the dress would probably be the cause of a million papercuts throughout the night and would end up a bloody mess... though perhaps these black masterpieces are the answer?!)

Morana Kranjec is a Croatian textile and fashion artist who creates incredible armour-like dresses from folded paper. Though they don't look all that comfortable they are intricately beautiful and are oh so striking. It's impossible to see where they begin and end.



  1. They do indeed look very beautiful ... like you said not really comfortable but definitely a show piece. Hmm ... not sure about the paper cut analogy ... I wouldn't want to end up looking like Carrie (Stephen King) on my wedding day/night :o(.

    1. haha, yeah that wouldn't be such a good look. And also thinking about it, maybe too hard to dance in paper too!


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