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Friday, 24 May 2013

Yellow Owl Workshop - NSS booth

This week entailed a fair amount of National Stationery Show stalking on twitter... golly gosh there are some talented stationer folks out there. One day (dreamy moment here) I will see it all for reals.

+ Loved the Yellow Owl Workshop hand painted booth. See more of their instagram photies here

+ Chuckle-worthy, cute and typographic cards as selected by Design Sponge
(Love that 'Tired Thankful ' birth announcement. hehe)

+ These incredible watermelon worshipping socks - there's even a patter for the crafty knitter!

+ A so fresh and so clean selection of desktop downloads (of which I have just pinched the spotty one)

+ Great quote from a great article by an excellent lady (via another fabulous blog)

“Don’t have a favorite font. Do have a favorite type designer.” 
- Jessica Hische 

Vivid Sydney starts this eve which is a super exciting date on the winter calendar  Three weeks of lights, ideas and action! Hurrah!!

Looking forward to sneaking in to see some speakers at Semi-Permanent tomorrow. It's a welcome treat as my brain needs watering. Also headed to the annual Zine Fair at the MCA, Sydney on Sunday - always hectic but worth the effort. Have a jolly one too lovely readers x


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