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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Unsleeping Dream_640

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Sandra Dieckmann on the weekend when she spoke at the Semi-Permanent design conference. Her illustrations are gorgeous and her passion and pizazz radiated all the way to the back of the room (I know, I was back there!)  She spoke of her fascination/obsession with bears and nature in general - inspired by the likes of David Attenborough - and how she uses these animals to communicate emotions in her work.

Sandra brings a sort of mythical, friendly and powerful character to the beasts she draws, taking us into their worlds rather than the other way round. Almost makes me want to move to the mountains and live in a tee-pee (except i might get eaten!)


The bison drawings below are from an ongoing book project that Sandra is illustrating. It's about a bison who carries around all his woes on his back and then when a great wind comes his feathers are blown away to leave him free from burden. Ahh, I'm going to hug one next time we meet!


You can buy her prints on Etsy


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