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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Please and Thankyou by Zach Graham

Sometimes the simple things are the hardest... like being kind!! Sounds so easy! But sometimes being downright grumpy is waaay less effort don't you think?!

I'm such a sucker for pick me up life aspirations, especially if they are in the form of fabulous looking art prints smeared in exciting lettering. Help Ink is a brilliant organisation that provides you with such a print, while giving a hefty chunk of the profits to those who really truely need it. For every $5 spent, one dollar is donated to a charity of your choosing - isn't that awesome?! (If nothing else, it fully justifies a print purchasing splurge!)

Go-And-Do-Poster_ Brad Woodard

Safe-Landing-Poster_ Mary Kate McDevitt

Be-A-Good-One-Poster_ Julia Rothman

Artists shown here. Top to bottom:
Zach Graham / Brad Woodard / Mary Kate McDevitt / Julia Rothman


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