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Monday, 24 June 2013

In the forest - A pop-up book (cover)

I bought this beautiful book recently, justifying the purchase by telling myself it was for my little cub... but of course it's far too lovely and delicate for his wild paws. So instead we read it together, each loving it for different reasons, and it sits high on a special level of bookshelf.

In the Forest - a pop-up book - internals 2

By the creators of Popville, this is such a divinely crafted book. Full of cutouts and dramatic pop-ups, but also is a sweet as pie little story in there too. There is a sleepy little sloth hidden in the foliage and a message to the future conservationists. I've left the end off from these photos as didn't want to give it away... you'll just have to go and hunt it out for yourself! (oh, cruel tease you say? yep)

In the Forest - a pop-up book - internals

This book is called 'Wake up Sloth' in US
Available in the Tate shop in UK
I bought my Australian copy at Published Art

p.s. Under the Ocean, by the same authors looks pretty gorgeous too.


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