Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Clockwise from top left:

+ The first ever Blog Society event was held as part of Vivid and was a most delightful gathering indeed. Brainchild of Jacqui of Little Paper Trees, it is an exciting movement to be a part of. Read more about it here and watch this little video.

+ Winter is officially ON in Sydney so that called for some real proper winter shoes. I opted for colourful as could be this year and so far it's helping brighten up chilly days!  They were road tested on a weekend away in Canberra. We were excellent tourists I've gotta say - going to three museums in one day! This portrait one, that science one and then this art one.

+ There has been rain, lots of rain. June was the wettest they said (though it feels like they always say that kind of thing) The little cub was squealing with delight on seeing our local park transformed into a lake for the day. I had to keep tipping the gallons out of his boots but he didn't seem to mind the squelching - loved it in fact!

+ With the afore mentioned winter gobbling us up, I have been drinking more pots of tea. This amazing brew contains papaya and rose petals and it feels good for my belly which is even better. Poured from my very favourite teapot into it's friend, the cup, makes for a complete ritual of winter drinking.


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