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Friday, 12 July 2013

Dana Tanamachi - Puffin Chalks front covers

Oh wow! This dear lady's talents know no end!!

Dana Tanamachi's most recent project for Puffin books is quite gorgeous. She has illustrated three (quite fabulous) childrens classics in her signature style - hand drawn chalkboard type - as part of the new 'Puffin Chalk' series.

Dana Tanamachi - Puffin Chalks covers ALL

I'm always so fascinated to see the process work that goes into these final finished pieces too. The video below is a stop frame animation of the creation of Wizard of Oz. 

... and then seeing her process develop from early computer mockup to sketch to final is pretty special to see too. (Shows how important refinement and redoing designs over and over is)

Dana Tanamachi - Puffin Chalks process

For more fabulousness from this talented dame, check out this and this project too.


  1. Love Dana T & I collect Penguin & Puffin Classics. Looks like I'll be adding these babies to my Christmas list for this year :)


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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