The witty (and rather genius) images of Javier Perez

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

As a designer and graduate of a concept driven 'visual communications' degree, I've always been of the mindset that intelligent and simple designs are both the best kinds of works, but also the hardest to achieve. While I was studying, the wit of Alan Fletcher made him one of my design heroes (get this book here - so good!)

Anyway, I recently came across Ecuadorian artist, Javier PĂ©rez which took me back to thinking of those days/qualities/heroes. This mans instagram feed (@cintascotch) is seriously amazing!! Literally overflowing with genius moments and visual puns. Seemingly so simple but it takes some kind of remarkable mind to come up with... and so so many illustrations. He is just a little bit brilliant, I think.


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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