A roadtrip to 'the castle'

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Last weekend we snuck away (leaving the cub with his fabulous grandparents) and took a little roadtrip north to Newcastle in our fancy Ford Focus Titanium.


I've got to say, as much as we love our son to bits, it was pretty blissful having so much time to ourselves and not having to constantly chase after the little jumping bean. Day one, we swam and swam and floated and swam... in the sea, in ocean pools and in the 'bogey hole', in between having leisurely (and mess free) meals in cafes.


On day two the rains came in, so we wandered in and about the arty little shops of Cooks Hill and gawked at some Brett Whiteley masterpieces in the short (but rather sweet) Newcastle Art Gallery. How very civilised of us right?!!


We had an absolutely ace weekend... made all the better by zooming there in the comfort of our 'fancy silber car'.

Sadly this marks the end of my Ford adventures... We will miss it and I also fear that I have forgotten to drive in part - no more auto park or distance monitoring cruise control. uh oh!


All images my own except the Bogey Hole above (via here)

This post is one of three written as part of Ford Australia's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' challenge (in conjunction with Kidspot, Voices of 2013). I was not paid to write this post nor was I told what to write. But, I was given a swish car to drive around in for 6 weeks which is proving pretty nice!


  1. My goodness the bogey hole looks amazing! Now considering a trip to Newcastle myself... Of course I would probably spend all my time in the antiques centre. Oops!
    How good is adult time? Glad you guys got to have a lovely weekend together.
    Hope you remember how to drive in your old car

    1. That bogey hole (despite it's name) is even more amazing in real life I tell you Astred! It was calm and private and stunning. Worth the trip just for that dip! & yeah, adult time is pretty incredible (but so is the reuniting moment with the little munchkins I gotta say) xx


Thankyou for your comments. emily x

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