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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Graphic artist and Illustrator, Mica Hendricks accidentally began collaborating with her 4 year old daughter when Myla demanded that her mother share with her. They have since created a whole world of rather incredible art.

Mother Daughter Collaboration 3

Mica will draw the head of the figure or animal while her 4 year old daughter dreams up a body or background for it to inhabit. Mica will then go back and colour the beings, often under  the strict directions of her little art director. The results are, as you can see, often wild and always pretty wonderful.

Mother Daughter Collaboration 1

It must be hard to step back enough to allow your scribble-handed child to let loose on your precious drawings (I am a control-freakish enough when it comes to the cub doing his OWN painting!)

Sometimes I would give her suggestions, like “maybe she could have a dragon body!” but usually she would ignore theses suggestions if it didn’t fit in with what she already had in mind...  But I should know that in most instances, kids’ imaginations way outweigh a grownup’s, and it always ALWAYS looked better that what I had imagined. ALWAYS.

Mother Daughter Collaboration 4
Mother Daughter Collaboration 2

Soooo brilliant for so many reasons!! I feel so inspired by this pair!

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